Save money and protect your turf with ReeCourse, an eco-friendly soil product composed of a unique blend of microbes and liquid humates.

ReeCourse can:
• ReePlacethe need for chemical-based fertilizer.
• ReeDuce Water Usage by 20+%
• ReeStore the Soil so periodic turf rip up and replacement should not be necessary.
• Increase Chlorophyll levels for a greener course.

ReeVerse Poa:

Poa Annua can be a problem on golf courses. It is resistant to many grass and weed killers.
ReeVerse Poa is the answer.
• Assists in the removal of poa in greens, tees, and fairways.
• Stimulates growth of Bermuda and Bent grasses enabling them to resist and overcome poa invasion.
• Tests have shown better results under summerheat stress.
• Slow and gentle process
• Used every 14-21 days during the growing season

Replacing Fertilizer saves money. When using ReeCourse Greens or Fairway formulas, you MUST reduce fertilizer use by at least 50%. 
Many golf courses elect to eliminate chemical fertilizers altogether.

No fertilizer run off! Eliminate fertilizer and you eliminate run off. 
If ReeCourse products run off, they actually bioremediate the water. Greener Grass well into the fall. Michigan State University 
obtained 30+% higher chlorophyll levels with SumaGrow than comparables grown with chemical-based fertilizers.  Higher Brix 
levels result in fewer pest problems and fewer plant diseases.  An independent PhD has verified grasses grown with Ree-Course 
products have higher brix levels and tend to be healthier.  Faster and higher germination rates on new grass.   Reduces infestations 
of nematodes and grubs.  Acts as a soil conditioner and regulates pH to make nutrients available in problem soils.

Using ReeCourse products, grass roots grew longer, wider, and more dense.

• Longer roots allow the plants to access water stored deeper in the soil.
• Most nutrients are found more than six inches deep in the soil. Longer roots give the plants access to these.
• Roots are stronger helping turf grasses to withstand stress.
• Massive root growth results in fewer divots and decreased divot recovery time.

ReePlace Fertilizer
• North American golf courses spend between $12,000 and $200,000 per year on fertilizer
• ReeCourse will cut your fertilizer cost in half.

ReeDuce Water Usage
• Products containing SumaGrow have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to grow with reduced amounts of water — even in droughts.
• ReeCourse is estimated to save 20+% on water usage.

ReeStore the Soil

• On average, golf courses rip up the turf and replant every 12 years.
• With ReeCourse, this should not be necessary.

ReeCourse products provide a major reduction in operating costs which INCREASES the Bottom Line!