Bio-Solutions is a company dedicated to  providing  planet friendly solutions and technologies to increase crop yields and plant quality using nature’s solutions to reduce
and resolve today’s issues with pollution through an environmentally safe and effective alternative to previous agriculture practices, that actually remediates the soil and helps
it to restore itself, in effect turning OUR clock back!
 Bio-Solutions products featuring Sumagrow is CERTIFIED ORGANIC!!!

The purpose of Sumagrow products is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the
dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which are detrimental to the
environment, affecting natural habitats, wildlife and groundwater.

Bio Solutions  is dedicated to providing sales and services of biological solutions to meet
 the demands of commercial, residential, and municipal customers seeking efficient, environmentally
friendly, and cost saving methods for eliminating waste while maintaining and protecting their assets.
Bio Solutions’ objective is to help the municipal wastewater collection system run smoothly,
without backups, Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO’s), or Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) issues in l
ifting stations. Bio-Solutions has developed superior cleaning products that are also
environmentally friendly.

POPULAR SCIENCE magazine named Sumagrow's forage boost product a 2011 "Best of What's New" Grand Award Winner. Read more...

Also, POPULAR SCIENCE magazine wrote in 2009 that Sumagrow's formula of select microbes would help “foment a second green revolution” in farming. That revolution is at hand.  Read more...

SUMAGROW is certified by OMRI organic for use!


SumaGrow is making headlines again!  Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine for United Airlines, featured the technology of SumaGrow in their April 2012 Green Issue!   Here is an excerpt:

"...Called SumaGrow, it locks naturally occurring nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil, protects against disease, slows runoff (thanks to microchannels that the microbes carve into the soil) and can be adapted to a range of products —"  Read more...

The mix of more than 30 types of microbes in SumaGrow could eliminate all other fertilizer use on the planet’s eight billion acres of pasture grass alone

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